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ßilbo's Award
for Excellence

So, you have your own fantastic web site ! There are lots of awards out there given to people just like you for the content of their web site. But since this site is based on graphics, it was felt that we too should give out an award. This award is a little different than others though in that judging is based soley upon visual graphics excellence, verbal content is required but irrelevant .

The rules are quite simple, just send us an e-mail, in the subject box put "graphic award", in the body of the letter put the NAME or title, and the URL of the site you feel deserves the award. Upon careful inspection of the site, and many hours of deliberation, if we feel the site is truly an example of graphics excellence, we will award it the ßilbo's Award for Graphics Excellence. All sites with this award will be featured here for others to link to and drool over. The one requirement is that the award be 'hot linked' back here. We also ask for a basic link on your "links page" linking to ßilbo's Graphics.

So, create the best site ever and send us an e-mail. Share your graphics brilliance with the world and boast your fame and glory with the ßilbo's Award for Graphics Excellence.

ßilbo's Award

Graphics Excellence




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